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The Saturday Eastside Market is an outdoor gig behind 3000 Richmond Ave. (map)
The market operates between 8a-12p.  You may load in as early as 7:30am.  (The vendors will be hauling their wares across the stage area until then).   You may start at 8:00am or 9:00am and play for two hours or longer with a break in the middle.  A gas stipend of $25 will be delivered via paypal and you are encouraged to solicit tips & CD sales. The venue provides overhead cover, electricity, coffee, and water. You provide the PA.  Send your bio to tyler@urbanharvest.org if you have one.
Enrique Infante
Ermelinda Cuellar
Average months booked in advance 5.2 Gabe Montoya
  Requested  Date Time   Grifters & Shills
4th Qtr 2017 Hank Woji (T)
10/21 Ermelinda Cuellar 2/20 8:18am 243 Hayden Jones
10/28 Tony Gravina 7/12 5:34pm 108 Hogan and Moss
11/4 Mickey Hobbs 7/1 3:11pm 126 Jan Seides (T)
11/11 Keith Rea (T) 2/23 5:34pm 261 Jeffrey Scott Stewart
11/18 Grifters & Shills 6/3 12:00pm 168 Jordi Baizan
11/25 Steve Lam 7/6 11:38pm 142 Keith Rea
12/2 Sean Heyl 2/20 6:04am 285 Lee Alexander
12/9 Van Buchanan 7/17 8:46am 145 Leslie Krafka
12/16 Mark Marmon 7/15 12:13pm 154 Marina Rocks
12/23 Steve Lam (bonus) 7/8 10:34pm 168 Mark Everson
12/30 Blas Espinoza 7/29 4:41pm 154 Mark Marmon
1st Qtr 2018 Mark Zeus (T)
1/6 Sean Richards 10/20 3:55pm 78 Matt Harlan (T)
1/13 Mickey Hobbs
1/20 Mark Marmon 10/18 6:13pm 94 Mystery Loves Company
1/27 Tony Gravina 10/30 2:54pm 89 Pete Simple
2/3 Robert Kuhn
2/10 Sean Heyl
2/17 Sean Richards
2/24 Smythe & Taylor (T)
3/3 Steve Daly (T)
3/10 Tommy Lewis 10/18 1:10pm 143 Steve Lam
3/17 Mickey Hobbs 10/30 8:35am 138 Stump Juice! (T)
3/24 Leslie Krafka 10/30 11:13am 145 Thaddeus Brenneman
3/31 The Better Halves
The Mighty Orq
Tony Gravina
Van Buchanan
Wild Rabbit Salad 
Wylde Meade
Young and Rusty (T)