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The music presented at the Urban Harvest Farmer's Market and the Houston oasis is 90% local and 100% organic!  Before you decide to fill out the application, please be sure your act fits the following criteria:  
  Do not continue unless your band:   
1 ...Does not use electric guitars, drums, or 'tracks' (Only two exceptions have been made, and the circumstances were truly unique).   At the Eastside Farmer's Market, your tent will be less than 10 feet from the vendors - electric guitars and drums make it very hard for the vendors next to you to hear their customers.  At the Oasis, the room is very quiet - like a house concert.  Loud acts will not fit in here!  
2 ...Does not use pitch correction or autotune  
3 ...Performs family-friendly material  
4 …for the Eastside market, the band must provide their own PA system.  (The Oasis provides the system and an engineer.)  
5 ...Has two hours of secular material (Religious music of any denomination can come across as 'proselytizing'. Our customers come from a wide array of beliefs and wish to shop without feeling as if they are being recruited)  
6 ...RECIPROCATION: Your band agrees to promote the gig as you would any other gig you have.  This includes your FaceBook page, website, or newsletter. The Urban Harvest Eastside Market and the Houston Oasis will do the same for you.  We are proud of you, and we hope the feeling is mutual.  
7 …Have you read the FAQ page?  Click here now before you forget!  
8 …Our bands understand what the word 'secular' means.  
9 ...Agrees to turn down the volume if the venue manager asks you to.  
10 … Agrees to accept payment for appearances at the Urban Harvest Market via paypal and will accept payment via company check for gigs at the Houston Oasis..  
11 …Understands that if you cancel without notification or finding a replacement, (see next point) you will not be allowed to book with us again!  
12 … Agrees that if their band cancels an appearance at the Eastside Market, the original band will find their own replacement from within the roster and forward the $25 payment to that band directly.  (The advance payment will *not* be refunded to TC Smythe)   
13 … Understands that a live recording is required for consideration.  Studio recordings are unacceptable for booking purposes.  
All yesses? Great - Please proceed:  
ARTIST APPLICATION (all required)  
  Please copy this list, insert your answers and send the following mandatory items to  
Name of Act :  
Paypal address:  
website URL:  
LIVE Video or Audio sample located at (URL):  
PAYPAL address (required for the Eastside market):  
After we have screened your live recording we will respond relatively quickly with our decision. If your band is not accepted, you will be told why and provided with suggestions so that you can reapply. If you are accepted, you will be added to our facebook group so that you can get notifications of new date openings and be able to communicate with our other acts.  receives payment from the Urban Harvest (Eastside Market) on a quarterly basis in January, April, July and October. We do our best to pay the artists on the day they request their date.