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We are pleased that you are considering the addition of live music to your market.  Live local music is a perfect compliment to locally-grown produce.   We hope that hosting a musical act will encourage shoppers to linger at the vendors' stalls and improve public relations for you and our bands.  Please send the below info to so that we can get you matched up with the right bands! 
For a nominal fee of $5 per booking, we can conduct your booking from our existing roster, make payments for you, and host your calendar.  In the mean time if you prefer to do your own booking, please feel free to approach any of our artists through the links on the home page.
  Copy the below reponses and email them to 
1 Market Name:
2 Market Address:
3 Market Website:
4 Operating Days:
5 Music Start time:
6 Music End Time
7 How long have you been operating?  
8 How often do you operate?
9 How many customers do you see in a typical day?
10 Do you allow full bands to play or do you prefer solos/duos??
11 Which genres are you interested in ? (Ex: originals, covers, folk, country, blues, rock, jazz, cajun, bluegrass, celtic, pop, funk, other?
12 How far is the stage area from the parking lot (in feet)?
13 Manager Name:
14 Mgr. Cell #:
15 Mgr. Email:
16 We agree to provide electricity, water and overhead cover to the bands
17 We agree that if the weather is not conducive to live music (per the conditions described in the FAQ), the bands do not need to get permission to cancel.
18 We have read and agreed to the guidelines on the FAQ page
19 We will offer at least $25 to offset the artists' gas/travel expenses in case tips are thin
20 If we have selected to conduct our booking activities, we agree not to schedule other artists on our own without ample notification to TC Smythe.
21 If we have selected to conduct our booking activities, we agree to remit payment to TC Smythe via paypal on a quarterly basis, in advance, by the first day of January, April, July, and October.